My favourite digital photos

It was in June 2001 when I got my first digital camera. Since then I've taken more than 9,000 images, many of them repeats of other photos, tests, poor quality, out of focus, or just arbitrary snaps of everything around me! However, for your delight, I've picked out my top 100 digital photos. I've split them into two chunks:

The photos are not chosen for any technical merit, but purely on content. I hope you enjoy them. My cameras are described below.

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Sony Digital Mavica

One of the first digital cameras. Very heavy and clunky, and stored images on a floppy disk. If you went to high resolution you got one image per disk!

Canon EOS 500

This was an SLR non-digital, but by the time I was using it, you could get images transferred straight to CD 

Nikon E45000 coolpix

A wonderful camera. Takes good pictures in low light, and swivel head means you can take pictures without holding it to your eye. Perfect for being inconspicuous. I still use it

Canon EOS 400D

A good digital SLR with reasonable resolution and ease of use.