Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of my trip to Egypt. All the answers can be found in the text of the Egypt Grand Tour, or maybe you know them already?! Have fun....

Instructions: You will be offered 10 questions, each one with four possible answers. You choose your answer by pressing button A, B, C, or D. As you hover over each button it will change colour - don't worry, you haven't made your selection yet! You need to click the button against the answer you think is correct. You still have chance to change your mind - just press the 'Change my mind' button to make a different selection. When you are happy with your answer, press the "Final Answer" button. You'll be shown if you're right or wrong (and maybe some comments on your progress!), and after 5 seconds the next question will appear automatically.

If you have a sound card you'll hear a sound that signifies a new question being shown, and you'll also hear some other comments. 

Get going....

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