Simon and Adam received a gift for Christmas - it was a Butterfly Garden together with a certificate to order some caterpillars. We sent off the certificate near Christmas but were told that it was too cold to send them. We got a letter back saying they would arrive on the 3rd of March (Simon's Birthday!!).

They were small, black and hairy when they arrived, but after just a few days they got much bigger. Over the next week or so, they grew to about 2 centimetres, then turned into chrysalides. A week later, on Saturday 29th March, three of the chrysalides hatched into butterflies!! Two days later the forth one hatched.  

We fed them with sugar water sprinkled onto fresh flowers and twigs. After a few days  watching them, we let the first two go. They sat on flowers, and we took the flowers out into the garden. They flew away into the sunshine. We let the other two go a few days later, and they stayed in the garden in the sunshine. Three of the butterflies were very active, but one seemed to be quite ill.  

We hope they all live well, and lay eggs, and create new caterpillars!!