Music Journalism: Simon reviews....

Calculator: My first program! Made it in JavaScript

The Careless Racers: A poem written in S1 about people racing in the desert and destroying the environment

Guitar:  A couple of samples

Dice Game: My first game!! Made it in JavaScript

Tornadoes: A project I did for geography at high school

Drawing:  A portrait by Carol


Athens 2004: An article  about the Olympics, and Athens 2004

Signatures: Signatures I have designed for use in internet forums  

Concert: Review and music from the String Orchestra

Video Violence: A talk I gave about the link between violence and video games.

Games and Movies: Creative fun using Macromedia Flash

Demon Hunter: Jonathan Greening - Demon Hunter! A story in weekly episodes...

Stonehenge: A poem about the stone circles

PhotoMorph: A set of photos showing me (and Adam) through the years

St Andrews 1st year: Some photos of Simon not studying

Butterflies: The story of how we hatched caterpillars into butterflies